Gli Artisti

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Lettera k

Cankat Kalyoncu

I didn't study any means of art or took any painting lessons
when I started. I was a self thought artist. What I had been
doing was coming out off me so naturally! However, my
perfectionist character led me to paint with various artists
to improve my skills in art, craft and aesthetic in Turkey,
Russia and the USA. There is no limit to improve ...


Flavio Kampah

F CK is an internationally acclaimed Designer, Director,
Painter, Illustrator, Photographer and Stencil Artist who's
been living and working all his life in scattered places
around the world, starting from his hometown Parma in Italy
to London, Rome, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Amsterdam, Bali
and Sydney. While in Los Angeles in the 90s he was one ...


Hale Karacelik

Art exhibitions: 1998 Akbank Bahariye Sanat Galerisi i
Akbank Bahariye 1998 Avusturya Konsolosluğu IAustria
Consulate 1999 Ticaret BankasÄ Sanat Galerisi /Ticaret
Bank Art Gallery 2001 Uzka Sanat Galerisi i Uzka Art
Gallery 2002 Ortaköy Belediyesi Resim Galerisi i
Ortaköy Municipality Art Gallery 2003 Resim Heykel
Müzesi i" ...


Ellina Katsnelson

Ellina Katsnelson emigrated to Israel in 1990, She started
to paint in Israel,because of STRESS-i am now ...New
life,different Country. Ellina Katsnelson is the member of
International Cultural Union The last Important Exhibitions:
London Art Biennale 2013 Palermo Art Biennale
2015-represented by Salvatore and Francesko Russo Rotterdam



I was born on 16th of November, 1955 in Madona, Latvia.
Since 1956 I am living in Liepaja. My mother was a
dressmaker, but father was a technitian on a ship. After the
graduation of the school I did join a Maritime College in
Liepaja. In 1975 I did get a profession of a Navigator. I
did develop my career further into a captain of the fishing
ship ...


Magdalena Armanda Kolakowska

Although devoted to business management and legal studies- I
love art, music and cinema. I also love abstractions. In
life we meet people who are often far from us and who
inspire us. This is what I consider "pure abstraction".
People make art trough their stories. I love the characters.
I love surrealism in contrast with my every day work in real


Tom Kree

- started at the age of 12 years painting canvas with
acrylic technic - autodidacte, who won already several
prizes in Europe - art teacher in Luxembourg / Germany /
Switzerland and Austria Description of my Artworks: -
painted with acrylic color and mixed technique on canvas,
abstract, modern


Anna Krieps

I'm born 1986 in Luxemburg.I graduated in the Netherlands at
the Art institute of visuell arts,ARTEZ in 2012 in the Major
of Photography.In 2011 I went on an exchange to Boston
Massart,where I attended the graduating class of Matt
Connors.From 2012-2014 I did a Master in Art Direction in
Switzerland at the ECAL. Until now I only work analog,with