Heba Abed

You Reap What You Sow - Painting ,watercolours and liquid gold leaf- diptych

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Heba was born in 1983 in Jeddah, where she received her master's degree in Fine Arts, and works as visual arts manager in NSA, ALJ CO. The artist plays with optical illusions to deliver her message regarding the social impairments experienced in our modern society. 'Scotoma', or blind spot, describes defective vision, and Heba uses the term to address an overlooked element in our society , specifically the loss of the legacy of Arabic which is being over washed by 'Franco'Arabic. She is also keen on highlighting the neglected feminist arguments in her society. Heba Abed was born and raised in Jeddah. Her father used to work as an ambassador, thus a lot of time was spent traveling from one country to another. During these trips he was very careful to make sure his children understood and appreciated the beauty of art. he has been taking his children to museums and castles to see painting and sculptures. he would sometimes even travel to a specific city just for the sake of seeing a piece of art. He was eager for his family to embrace the beauty of art, but what he did not realize is that it was already deep rooted inside of Heba's heart. her passion for the field grew and she decided that she wants to specialize in the arts. However, this was not intended to be Heba's field of choice but rather a hobby for her. Her father rejected the idea and pushed her to study medical sciences, While advising her to keep drawing as a hobby in her free time. However her soul longed for the arts and that is why she couldn't carry on in the medical field.