Yulia Altas

"All dreams are come true" Mixed media on paper

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Altas Yulia was born in the Tula city of Russia, surrounded by the rich heritage of art of this country. Her first serious artistic education began in 10 years of age, in the Tula art school. During the 4 years of training, she took part in various competitions, exhibitions and festivals of children's drawings, there were awards and certificates and prizes. In 1993 she entered the Orel Art School, where she took most important basic skills of painting, drawing, composition, as well as crafts that including wall paintings, stained glass, Gobilen... Received an honors degree at Orel Art School and later she continued for 6 years to study at Tula State University where learned a new discipline, graphic design receiving a master degree title. Immediately after graduation, in 2003, she went to New York, USA, where she continued her work of the specialty and in arts. Altas' formal classical education is revealed in her colorful mix-media paintings depicting elements found in nature that are filled with picturesque features which are characteristic of a combination of a well-lived and nurtured childhood in addition to the explicit graphic details learned during her college years. Her works are tender and emotional and she finds many opportunities in the open air to recreate her inspiration with the total energy of life that would be later used when she sets the theme to craft a particular motive or creation. Altas Yulia was one of a handful of international artists who was chosen to exhibit her artwork at "La Grande Exposition Universelle" to be held inside the Eiffel Tower, 'Gustave Eiffel'Hall and Louvre in Paris, October 2014. Yulia's' works have been showcased in New York at the Caelum Gallery in 2012; Spanish Society Benevolent Gallery in 2012 and 2013, she was one of a handful of international artists that exhibit in 2013 at the Miami Iron Side - endorsed exhibition entitled 'International Biennale Artists Exhibition Miami, IBAEM,'an event produced by The Art Marketing Mind, LLC.; at the Elena AB Gallery Tribeca in NY, July and September in 2013; at the Chelsea Eye Gallery in NY in 2013. For a whole year (2014) MONTSERRAT CONTEMPORARY ART GALLERY in Chelsea, New York, proudly presents her artworks in public showroom for international group exhibitions and for sale. In July 2014 she was one of a handful of international artists who was chosen to exhibit her name and work on 25-story-tall video billboard above the American Eagle right in the heart of Times Square, Broadway, New York City, exhibition entitled 'See Me take over Times Square'art show endorsed by See|Me Group, Inc. Two of her artworks have been selected for the 2nd International Biennale of Art of Palermo. PALERMO (SICILY) - FLORENCE (TUSCANY). The historical Palace Sant'Elia and some exhibition halls of the Museum 'Reale Albergo delle Povere'will become the exhibition Place for International Artists. They are two of the most important exhibition venues of Palermo. Florence (February - March, 2015) inside the exhibition space of gallery "Casa di Dante Alighieri." This edition will boast the presence of 3 famous Art Critics: Vittorio Sgarbi, Philippe Daverio and Paolo Levi. Now she preparing to participate her art in Tokyo Gallery NIW, Japan in 2015, an event produced by Fine Arts Chair New York Realism Fine Art. Contemporary Art Projects USA 'Cosmic Connections Exhibition'HD Monitor Exhibition at the Concept Fair, December, 2014 during Art Basel Week, Miami, Florida. On December, 2014, in Leece, Italy, she will receive the 'Raffaelo Stanzo 2014'and 'Nelson Mandela for Human Rights' Special Awards for her intellectual and artistic activities in 2014. At the same time she will be awarded the title of Master. Also she got a letter from Dott. Francesco Saverio Russo: 'We very proud to award you with the "Sandro Botticelli Prize" 2014. The Prize for the Artists that are worth for their artistic merit.' '.A reality untouched. A reality dominated by the beauty of the colors. Contours dream a reality, as narrated in the works of Yulia Altas. The artist demonstrates a solid understanding of geometry and architecture of the sign. A great poetic lyricism, characterizes its extraordinary visual narratives. Yulia is an artist very sensitive, and this sensitivity is reported with great elegance on the canvas. The canvas is transformed, so, in a real diary, on which the artist writes her thoughts. Altas talks about the world in which she lives every day, a world which is dominated by the beauty of form. The world that is constantly changing the concept of freedom and the leitmotif of her paintings. A freedom that leads human beings to that utopian dream that for many has the name of happiness. A happiness, therefore, be pursued at all costs, in order to turn the own life in a dream from which you never want to wake." - Salvatore Russo, art critic and international curator.