[Series Title] BEARĂ  MIXX MEETS GD [Materials] COMPUTER / PRINT [Size] 17.78 CM X 12.7 CM [Year] 2015

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17.78 CM X 12.7 CM


Born in Osaka, Japan. Chie came to new york to study graphic design at the School of Visual Arts from 1998 to 2001. After graduating, she worked for five years at mtv networks, where she worked on the show Gutterpups for its a year and a half on the air. Wanting to expand her creative life beyond graphic design, chie returned to SVA to study fine arts and received her masters in 2012. She has exhibited at many galleries in the world, including Allegra La Viola Gallery (NY), Space Womb Gallery (NY), Nord Art (Germany), Liquid Room (Italy) and won the shortlist from London International Creative Competition in 2013.